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Lian Li 120mm x 25mm LED Fan - Multi-Color (1500RPM / 25.6dBA) (CF-1215M)
Part #: fan-696
Price: $22.99
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Colors are not adjustable
Reviewer:Riffix (4)
I thought it might be good to have some fans that could adjust color for different aesthetics so without any more information I picked 2 of these up. They are not what they appear to be! There is virtually no information on the lighting feature of these even from the manufacturer so I thought I would put the info I learned here for others. While they technically can display all 3 colors, there is no control mechanism for this. The color they display is based on the power going to the fan / RPM the fan is spinning at. They are designed to be part of temperature-based control system so the colors go from blue at the slowest speed, to green, to red at full speed. Which means if you simply have them hooked up to power to run at full speed they will always be red. Additionally, I hooked them up to a potentiometer to test the range and while it is pretty easy to get red or blue there is a relatively small speed window in which they display green. So unless you intend to use them with the Lian-Li fan controller or similar temperature-based fan controller and want the matching color-changing effect (which is cool, don''t get me wrong, just not what I was looking for) there are better fans out there.