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3-pin Y Cable Splitter
Part #: cab-05
Price: $2.50
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Reviewer:AWSOME! (41)
what can i say, it works didn''t break didn''t heat up good buy

Reviewer:AWSOME! (41)
what can i say, it works didn''t break didn''t heat up good buy

Reviewer:AWSOME! (41)
what can i say IT WORKS! connections are good solders are strong.

Reviewer:eightydee (14)
I picked up 3 of these, 2 for my 4 side fans to save cable cluttering. Luckily I picked up three for 2 120mm Enermax fans on top of my CM HAF 932. Works great! Should also pick up one or two more, just in case (no pun attended)

great product, frozenCPU never fails to have what I need!
Reviewer:Felix1805 (6)
I have found so many great things on this website, and this is one of them. After making sure that my motherboard fan channels have enough power, I installed two of these to control both two r4 cooler master fans in the front of my case through one channel, as well as two in the back through a single channel. My motherboard still adjusts the fan speeds accordingly, and speedfan shows the correct rpm readings as well!

Simple and elegant.
Reviewer:Zver711 (13)
First things first - read the WARNING on the product description tab before proceeding. Then order as many as you can, if you''re a system builder. I find myself in a constant need for these buggers. It helps me reduce wire clatter from fans in the case in general, or helps connect lets say two fans into one channel onto the fan controller panel. If you value your time you will let the pros at FrozenCPU sleeve these babies for you. The final product looks classy and the job is done great. Now you can even choose the color or not only shrink or sleeving, but also the connectors themselves, but its gonna cost you.

Reviewer:Hani (4)
i wish i could choose the connector color as well.

Just Plain Works
Reviewer: ()
I would give this a 5 if this product came with at least black sleeving included in the price.