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Red Illuminated Vandal Resistant "Momentary" Switch - 16mm - Black Housing - Ring Illumination
Part #: ele-728
Price: $12.99
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Re: to for experts only
Reviewer: Anonymous
lets say your using this as a on/off switch for a computer. You want your the center and bottom connectors wired to your power on on the MoBo seeing as when you push-down on the switch it complets the circuit saying turn on.

for experts only
Reviewer:matt (2)
After getting this i looked over the info given and now im just lost. You would think you could get 4 wires to work even if they are all black but i cant get this thing working. Coming back to look at the diagram here didnt help. The makers website is worthless. and the diagram in the box is worthless too. I did get the led to turn on but i dont want it on if the cpu is not running. getting a 0 for lack of proper wiring explanation

Reset & Drive Activity
Reviewer:Ed (6)
After installing 4 of these for reset buttons on my desk''s surface, I am quite pleased with the appearance and the functionality of these true red LED illuminated switches. I connected the switch to the motherboard''s reset pins and the hard drive activity output to the red LED light in the switch body. Thus seeing when not to reset the computer when the light was on and saving possible data corruption of the computer''s drives. I recommend this switch/LED unit to any considering a truely unique customization to their computer system.