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Akasa 120mm x 25mm Viper PWM Fan w/ Hydro Dynamic Bearings (AK-FN059)
Part #: fan-709
Price: $19.99
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Got 6 and am happy about the purchase
Reviewer:Ned C. (13)
So the title says it all. My build is black and yellow themed and this was the major yellow color in the case aside from the tubing. The fans are good looking and you can barely hear anything unless it is at full-bore, at which point you probably have surround sound on anyways and you''re just itching to get that headshot.

Fantastic pwm fan! Best bang for the buck!
Reviewer:Zippy (5)
What else is there to say? Priced right, high cfm, good static pressure, pwm controlled, low power draw, hydro bearing, relatively quiet. Have 5 of these installed into a small Matx tower case cooling 3 ex120 rads. Do a fantastic job. Highly recommended!

These fans are superb...
Reviewer:Vinny D (3)
I have never purchased an Akasa fan before and lately fan noise has been getting on my nerves. I was previously using a bunch of Scythe F-SLEX Model-"G" FDB 120mm fans and they are quiet too but I needed to get yellow fans to match my color scheme on my MSI Z87 XPower motherboard. I admit, I was a little worried and it took me a few days to pull the trigger (mainly because it was going to be an expensive purchase since I needed 15 or 16 of these to fit my CaseLabs TH10 case fan mounts and 120.4 (480) Alphacool Monsta radiator. These Vipers MORE THAN DELIVERED! PROS: 1. Inaudible @ 600rpm - 1100rpm 2. From 1100rpm - 1600rpm they''re almost as quiet as 600rpm - 1100rpm 3. MAX speed @ 1900rpm, still the only thing you hear is just the sound of blowing air. There is barely a hint of bearing or motor noise. 4. The PWM speed control is flawless AND quiet. NO annoying ticking noises across the entire RPM range. 5. The 600 - 1900 RPM range is an excellent range of speed. 6. Truthful specs! This is important as a lot of manufacturers "exaggerate" the specs of their fans on the box. CONS: They only come with these ghetto yellow rubber fan mount spikes. I tossed them and used regular fan screws. CONCLUSION: If your build calls for this color, quietness, a large amount of airflow, or you are water cooling and needs high amounts of static pressure, these are amazing performers all around. They''re fast, quiet, look great, blow tons of air, are perfect against radiators, and will cool your components in push/pull or plain case fan configurations. I would not hesitate to buy these again if the need arises.

Worth every penny
Reviewer:thatferrariguy (5)
Have 4 of the 120mm in my case and 1 on the cooler, and a 140mm on top. With them at low speed they''re very quite and produce a nice breeze and when they''re turned up they definitely move some air, but are pretty noisy.

best fan ever
Reviewer:jns (22)
i have 9 of these in my case. they are whisper quite at idle, and powerful when they need to be. not as loud as i thought they''d be at full blast, but not something i''d want all the time. that''s why you get PWM! i painted a couple of them, and all you do is pull the blades off. you don''t need to remove the sticker on the back or anything.

These Are Cool
Reviewer:Computer Mike (1)
These fans are cool is no joke. I bought 3 of these to replace my rear exhaust fan, and a push pull configuration on my new CM Hyper 212+ CPU cooler. They move a lot of air very quietly. The air they push is also very even, not just to the outsides like a conventional fan, making this idea for radiators or CPU blocks. A great price for a great fan. I plan to replace my other two 120mm fans with these very soon. I also am telling all my friends about how well they perform. Good job Akasa, and keep up the good work!

One of top 3 fans out there...
Reviewer:2dogs (9)
Very sturdy, attractive, good pressure, flow/db among best. I use two, CPU back side exhaust, and rad exhaust.

The Best of Both Worlds
Reviewer:MaddMutt (1)
I purchased a CoolIT ECO ALC and 2 of these for a push pull configuration. I requested to have the cables sleeved in Blue (this was done IMO as a great option and with Outstanding Quality!) The room has to be completely silent (except for the computer) to barely hear the difference between low and high. There is no such problem of feeling it. On high speed this is whisper quit but puts out a mountain of air. I would without hesitation recommend this fan! I replaced a Cooler Master V8 (had replaced the included fan with a 4000 RPM/51 DB fan on a AMD 955 (C3 Version) x4. I was able OC to 3950Mhz but with the CoolIt and new fans I was able to get to 4.1 + Mhz (I did not speed time much time tweaking to find the final speed) stable with prime 95 run for 10 Hours and max temps of 53-55 C