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Green Illuminated Vandal Resistant "Momentary" Switch - 22mm - Black Housing - Ring Illumination
Part #: ele-754
Price: $12.99
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Solid Switch
Reviewer:TheSpruceMoose (2)
Bought this as a power switch for a simple DIY case. It looks pretty good, and I really like the ring illumination. The feel of the switch action is clean and solid, and the unit is well-built overall. As another reviewer stated, the switch that I received is slightly longer than the one pictured, and it has a different pinout (LED + and - and switch common, NO, and NC). Mine came with wires (spades on the switch end and 0.1" headers on the other end). I spliced a 10k current limiting resistor into the LED+ line, and it is still bright enough for me. I will probably be buying more of these for some non-computer projects as well. I just wish that they made them with multi-color LEDs (i.e., the same switch could be illuminated red, orange, or green).

Not what it seems?
Reviewer:RPerry916 (12)
I baught this to replace the ugly silver buttons on my DD Water Box Plus and they look good on the outside. Unfortunately they are a little longer then pictured AND they sent me a 5 prong switch which is different from this. All in all, it still has the same glow but was not expecting a different product