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Mod/Smart Full Pin Removal Tool Kit - (M-TOOLKIT)
Part #: too-26
Price: $12.99
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Mod/Smart = Mod/Cheap
Reviewer:LNS-Front242-T3 (25)
I bought this Mod/Smart Tool Kit from another place, and they are junk. The only items that lasted after 3 days were the 3/4 pin extractor & the molex pin extractor, the 6-pin & 20/24-pin and P4/P8-pin failed after 3 days of use. Save - Save - Save your money, you have been forewarned!!

terrible stuff dont get this set
Reviewer:utan (1)
i bought these tools a few days ago because i was gonna try to sleeve my new PSU from coolermaster thankfully its fully modular so if i broke something i could just get a new cable... well anyway i decided to try it out on my old PSU which was a thermaltake 600w and the ATX tool wouldnt even push the pins in enough to disengage the locks so i could pull the wires out... because of this i accidently ripped the wires out of the pin... not that big of a deal except i still need to get that pin out so i can repair it to be sold... in other words... this thing is crap, dont get it... get the ones from sunbeamtech i hear they are much better quality... i will let you know in about a month

Neither useful nor decorative...
Reviewer:starhawk (2)
My grandmother (God rest her soul) had a phrase for anyone who was idle in her vicinity: "Stop being so ****ed decorative and do something useful!" Well, I hate to say it, but this tool kit is neither. It''s ugly and it is no help whatsoever. I am right now trying to replace a damaged ATX connector on an Antec True430 PSU and I''m using my trusted "exact-o" hobby knife more than I am this tool kit. That''s because the tools don''t work. My hands hurt and my head hurts and I''m royally p***ed off... I don''t have money to waste on worthless junk like this. Unfortunately for me, this is the first time I used it since I bought it, something like 18+ months ago, so shipping it back for a refund is not gonna happen. All I can say at this point is: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

Broke 2 of them within 5 minutes!
Reviewer: Anonymous
I am a certified Avionics Technician, in other words I use tools like this every day for a living and to be honest these are some of the worst tools I have ever used. While cheap, you get what you pay for. They are painful to use and very weak. The only good tool out of the bunch is the molex remover which actually worked very well. The other tools either broke or bent within 10 minutes of using them. They also were terrible at removing pins, it was like trying to pull them out by hand. The tongs are WAY too thin and therefore they could not push the pins together so that they could come out. I would not recommend these to anyone. Spend the money and get the good tools!