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IandH Silver KillCoils - Antimicrobial .999 Fine Silver Tubing / Reservoir Strip
Part #: ex-tub-705
Price: $7.99
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10-ish years later, still going strong!
Reviewer:HASTE (6)
I have been using this little coil in my res for about 10 years along with distilled water. I have not had to change any water, only add some every year or two. I''ve used other products previously and they did not work nearly as well as this little guy does. This is the only way to go, IMO.

Seems to work good!
Reviewer:Andrew (1)
I haven''t noticed any crap going through my tubing and its been about a month or two since I installed it.

This is the best.
Reviewer:Sir B (1)
I''ve had this in my loop for 2 1/2 years. Because I am lazy and have not rebuilt the loop, or switched the water, this has performed fantastically. Upon inspection, my water still looks just as clear and good as the day I built the loop. Forget other additives or solutions. Get this, put it in your res and forget about it.

Reviewer:d3viliz3d (1)
Basically a brutal birth control method for algaes :) Just put it in your loop and forget about it. Does its job flawlessy!

Use this
Reviewer: ()
Five years later and only one change of distilled water. System is as clean as first day. Skip all the other bad products. Use silver and distilled water.

Hasn''t caused an issues thus far...
Reviewer:gthanson (19)
I''ve only had it in my loop for a week, bopping around near my reservoir intake, but it hasn''t caused any problems and the price is cheap for the supposed gains.

Reviewer:Juice (10)
I tried coolants before and the leave film in your tubing. This killcoil works great with distilled water.

Reviewer:xneowolfx (4)
Should be the first thing you add to cart for any w/c loop.

Scientifically Proven
Reviewer:FadedMaster (14)
It works. All you need is distilled water and a silver coil. Just drop it in your res (or T line if you don''t use a res) and you''re good to go.

Ok...lets try this
Reviewer:Mouse51180 (18)
Easy to twist and make smaller or bigger to fit into some tubing if you dont want it just bobbling around in your resevoir. Not sure how well it will kill the microbs in my system since I jsut got it, but for $5 you cant beat trying it out!

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