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FrozenCPU Power Supply Rubber Silencer - Black
Part #: pss-06
Price: $2.99
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As expected
Reviewer:Akustyk (5)
The silencer works as expected. It fits my Antec Earthwatts power supply perfectly and provides enough isolation to prevent vibrations on to the case. My PS is additionally sitting on rubber feet. Silent.

Not bad at all
Reviewer:James (6)
I attempted to mostly silence a new case so I can''t really say how this individual piece effected the overall picture, but the case ended up being fairly inaudible. This fit my PSU nicely, but with the round parts looks like it''s shaped for ghetto PSUs. I had to cut a bit out of the side of the pad because it overlapped with the plug of the PSU (Corsair AX 850).

Simple and it works
Reviewer:Sean C (5)
There isn''t much to say. This thing is cheap, simple to install (literally put it on your PSU and put it back in the case), and helps dampen vibrational noise. I put it on a Corsair CMPSU-650HX modular supply which wasn''t too loud to begin with. Along with small rubber washers to prevent the screws from contacting the case in any way, almost no vibration transfers at all. NOTE: This only helps with vibration transferred to the case. Your power supply''s fan is completely unaffected by this silencer, but you should know that if you''re browsing this site anyway.