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Aerocool Shark Black Edition 120mm x 25mm High Air Pressure Fan
Part #: fan-745
Price: $15.99
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Look good but perform poorly when in a pull config
Reviewer:Ultrasonic2 (7)
I bought 2 of these for my water cooling but haven''t used them because when in a pull config they make SOOOO much noise. Also they dont do every well in reviews when it comes to radiators. bottom line look great but aren''t very affective

Reviewer:Zach (1)
Bought 4 for water cooling setup, quiet and push a lot of air at low speeds, when i high speed its still very quiet.

Powerful even at low speeds
Reviewer:Wayne (35)
Other than the fact that this fan looks super cool, it also blows air like a champ. A little noisy at full blast but whatever youll you need this fan will do it. Also comes with a 7v cable, screws and also four rubber anti rattle screw things. Great buy!