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Swiftech MCP35X 12v PWM Controlled Water Pump - Black
Part #: ex-pmp-109
Price: $114.95
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Excellet until it the motor seized
Reviewer:1800Allen (1)
This pump is recommended to go with a Monsoon bay reservoir and they paired and worked fantastically for almost 10 months then the motor seized on me. The double unfortunate part is that when you install the pump into the Monsoon reservoir it voids the warranty. I am purchasing another one because that is how good it was though.

Good pump for the money
Reviewer:JCro-DarthBaggins (2)
Really the swiftech pump are good, especially this one. I purchased one of these pumps just due to trying to get a first time custom cooling build up and running. So far this pump has been a reliable work horse of a pump, a little noisy but I want function over-all.

This is the pump to get!
Reviewer:Givmedew (7)
As long as this pump is not rigidly mounted to your case and not in a bay reservoir it will be silent even at 100% pump speed. Do what you need to do to ensure it is decoupled from your case. If you put it in a bay reservoir you may have to play around with the reservoir mounting to get it silent. Any vibrations that transfer into the case are going to make the pump loud. Regardless of mounting though when the CPU is at idle this pump will be silent because of it reducing the pump speed. I have had mine for over a year running 24/7 and I bought it used with a x20 radiator but now it is in a XSPC Res/Top. Very happy with this thing!

Great pump... for the hour it lived
Reviewer:techienerd01 (1)
I recently purchased this pump, and I got it all installed and I was so happy to see my first watercooling system work! I was going to let it test run for a day or so before I applied power to the rest of my components so I avoided fried circuitry. But that never happened. I powered it off to adjust a pipe fitting (tightening one of the clamps) and it never turned back on. There wasn''t so much as a sound coming from it indicating that it was still trying to pump something out. I RMAed the pump to Swiftech this past Wednesday, and the pump arrived at Swiftech on the following day. So far, not so much as an email or a call from them saying if I was getting a new one or my old broken one. All in all, I wish I could have had the whole system running, but I''m glad I didn''t because then I would have been out a CPU and a Pump. Great pump while it worked... hopefully we get another soon.

Reviewer:Satchmo (1)
Purchased 2 of these, and although one is still working fine the other one burned out last night, the board just fried. This is after 2 months use.

Pump fried after a month
Reviewer:Nathan B (2)
I bought this pump pre attached to a helix Rez. Frozencpu did a decent job at the installation, but after just a month the pump died. I pulled it apart to see if there was debris, but I found a burnt control board instead. I don''t know what caused it but after just a month I am severely unimpressed with this product and will never purchase again.

solid quiet pump
Reviewer:Benchalo (1)
Just wanted to say that, this pump is worth its price in gold...solid pump and quiet..

Quiet when idle, powerful when you need it.
Reviewer: ()
Running a XTL block, QP320 rad, and this pump on an i5-2500k @ 5.1GHz. Under prime95, the pump speeds up a bit, but remains quiet, keeping cores under 65C. Totally inaudible while cpu idles. Incredible.

Best pump of all time
Reviewer:jns (22)
PWM control is amazing. I literally can''t tell if it''s on or not when the computer is idling or if I''m just surfing the web, but it has more than enough power when needed. Small and easy to mount.

i cant hear it.
Reviewer:iownthisthing (2)
i heard it running at first. once all the air was out of the loop it got damn near silent. plenty of power and no issues with threading fittings. it is perfect for my needs. 2 gpu''s in sli, the cpu and dual 180mm res. flow is good and my temps or great.

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