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Frozencpu Dead Water
Part #: ex-liq-154
Price: $3.99
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Best you can get; PERIOD!
Reviewer:Disappointed (1)
I was skeptical about getting this in the beginning. But if we don''t take risks we don''t know. So I bought, and used it for the first time in a new build that consists of dual pumps, and dual radiators. 4 years later there is absolutely ZERO problems with the loop. The water is as clear as it was when I put it in there. Zero growth, and zero smell. Throughout my 13, or so years building water cooled computers I''ve use a couple dozen products from every retailer you can think of. Dead water is the only product I will use from this point forward. On a side not. I have absolutely no idea why my display name is "Disappointed"....

Cheap, simple, and it works!
Reviewer:Emile (6)
Been running this in my home server for almost 2 years now with Koolance UV Red fluid and soft tubing. 2 Drops every 6 months on the dot. It''s cheap, it''s easy, and it works. What more can you ask for?

Tried and True
Reviewer:math_dude (2)
It''s copper sulfate, which has been used for centuries as a fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, and various other applications. I get a lot of these for free, or nearly free, when buying kits from FrozenCPU and other sites. There seems to be a surge (based on my clients'' specifications) in custom water-cooled builds in the last couple of years. These drops have performed great when used in conjunction with a pure copper or silver coil/plug/coin (yeah, I had a somewhat weird customer that used a 1 troy ounce American Silver Eagle coin in his loop). Use these two with a cheap solution of distilled water with 2.5% to 4% hy-per-lube super coolant(go to an automotive parts store) and you will only need to flush out the system every 2 years. BTW, 2.5% coolant to 97.5% distilled is a 1:39 ratio (4% coolant to 96% distilled is 1:24). Just don''t go overboard on the coolant or you will have dezincification if you have any brass in your loop. However, I am digressing. These are great with 100% distilled water loops or used in combination with other substances.

IandH Dead-Water
Reviewer:Skynet (1)
excellent stuff I''ve been running this product for 4 months now with no problems All you need is distilled water adult coil can a couple of drops of this stuff and you''re good I highly recommend this product

IandH Dead-Water Copper Sulfate Biocidal PC Coolant Additive
Reviewer:Bitspower G1/4 Thread Flow Senso (12)
Got this and a silver plug for use with distilled water. Its been several months and is as clear as can be still. I will be doing regular bi-monthly water changes.

Add this
Reviewer:xneowolfx (4)
and a kill-coil for double insurance against growth and your loop will be practically trouble-free.

Does what it claims!
Reviewer:Tom Servo (23)
Prevents growth within a cooling loop!

Nothing Grows
Reviewer:SpoonMan007 (3)
Put this in my loop ONE DROP and nothing grows at all anywhere after 6 months! The best additive period!

Can''t complain.
Reviewer:SeeD419 (4)
$5. One drop to the coolant. Kills stuff. Doesn''t get much simpler.