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Aerocool Shark Red Edition 120mm x 25mm High Air Pressure Fan w/ Red LEDs
Part #: fan-795
Price: $15.99
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Perfect fan
Reviewer:Mike D (10)
These fans are strong, but not too loud. The lights are vivid, but not too bright to be annoying. They definitely add a bit of flare for a pretty reasonable price.

good fan
Reviewer:rnewland83 (1)
It has done well did what it is supposedto really neat looking lights up the case like a xmas tree but now it is failing the monitors are going off and is making some what of a racket when the pc is turned on after it has been shut down for long periods of time. but other than that it fine.

modding the Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler
Reviewer:mystic_cobra (1)
we put these shark fin fans @ 82.6CFM in the Cooler Master V10 thermal electric Hybred CPU cooler plug into standard 3-pin fan headers to run WFO and overclocked an AMD FX8150 to 4.3GHz and never seen temps over 125*F underload . these fans fix the V10 . too bad they don''t make the V10 anymore ! and to give your M/B a PWM fan signal to keep it happy , just put a PWM fan in the back of your case as an exhaust fan , plug it into your M/B CPU fan header and problem solved ! and these shark fin fans running wide open inside the Cooler master V10 installed inside your case make hardly no noise at all , it''s a win win fix!!!

Excellent fan
Reviewer:Excellent fan (2)
Extremely strong fan for the price. LEDs are vivid but not too bright. Very quiet. I put two of these in the front of my case for pushing air in. I could feel the air flow from the very back of the case. My stock fans wouldn''t even reach beyond my HDD bay.

Reviewer:Harry12988 (4)
Cool dark red lighting with black frame, looks great! They push a lot of air through my radiator and pretty silent. Tons better than my old Silent-X fans!

Love these fans!!!!
Reviewer:2dogs (9)
I think best fan out there! I have 4 in my rig - these red are gorgeous color. Best air flow/db and pressure you can get. Not totally silent though even at low speed simply because they throw so much air. Use Akasa Viper or Apache for dead quiet but less air. Put one wife''s Megahalem and lowered temps 4C. Beware of published db fan specs!