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Lian Li EX-40N Quad Bay 3.5" SATA Giga NAS Network Storage Enclosure
Part #: cpa-534
Price: $269.95
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Good looking but lacks function
Reviewer: Anonymous
I really wanted this NAS to work out. This is one of Lian Li''s first entries into the network storage area and as usual, the brushed aluminum case is of typical Lian Li style. The product itself looks amazing; however, in a RAID 5 setup, the NAS can barely get up to 10 MB/s read and rarely goes above 6 MB/s write. I figured it was a typo on part of Lian Li when mentioned 15 MB/s throughput, but apparently they were even being generous at that. Pro: beautiful product to display. Quiet and works well with green drives to keep the heat down. Browser interface is standard, but simple and gets to the point. Con: Horrible performance (see above). The front LCD display is VERY bright and unfortunately you can''t change what it displays or dim it. If you are looking for a product based purely upon looking at it all the time, this might be the one for you, but at this price with the performance it musters, I can''t recommend this to anyone.