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Lamptron FC Touch - 30W - 6 Channel Aluminum Rheobus w/ Touch Screen - Black (FCT)
Part #: bus-243
Price: $29.99
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Great fan controller
Reviewer:Silent54 (15)
I''ve been using this for almost 4 months in my new build. This thing controls 6 fans and provides for 6 thermal sensors. You can set this up as manual or setup fan speed based on temps. Great illumination and easy to setup. Can switch between f and C and monitor fan speed by either voltage or rpms. There are cons: 1. the device isn''t long enough to fit flush in bay nor is long enough to be stable in the bay without having to use a screw on the none-keyless side of the bay. 2. There isn''t any directions what so ever. I had to Google YouTube for setup directions. 3. No temp senor tape at all. Had purchase after receiving controller.

bad installing
Reviewer:barefoot (1)
the controller is good nice look and matches my case well, the only thing i don''t like is a light around the unit shows...the unit need to come out a little more to mount flush and the bracket needs tho be longer with a slid slot..over all it works and has the power to do what you need.

Good Controller
Reviewer:Silent54 (15)
This is a pretty good controller compared to others I''ve seen and read about. It''s not flashy but has almost everything one could ask for. It controls 6 fans (my case has 7)and has 6 temp probes. The touch panel is easy to use. Now for those with screwless bay mounting, you may have to use the screws provided. It also can be operated manually or automatically by zone temps. Here is how I rated it: 4 - 4.5 for performance and usability. 3ish for the following reasons. 1. The instruction manual sucks. I had to pull up the YouTube video to find out how to configure certain things. For $75, they could afford better instructions. 2. No thermal tape for the sensors. What good are sensors if you can''t mount them. Once again, $75, they can''t through in $2-3 tape. 3. As mentioned, the mounting brackets are real short. For the price, they should be longer for stability. 4. Lastly, the pricing seems to be a little high compared to other controllers on the market but this negative slides for me because it works like a champ once setup.

Great Except for Install Issues
Reviewer:MJB (1)
I purchased two Touch fan controllers (black and silver) for different Cooler Master cases. The cases are model ATCS 840 cases. These cases have special locking mechanisms for the 5.25 inch bays. I had to remove the special mechanism from the outside of the bay in which I installed the Touch controller. Even after removing the mechanism, I had to drill a hole on either side of the bay as the holes on the Touch did not line up with any of the slots on the bay cage. I must say I was disappointed about this as what should have been a very easy install became much more complicated. It was not easy trying to determine where to drill the hole as you were working almost with no guides. After drilling a hole on each side of the bay cage, I was able to install the Touch controller with no further difficulties except for a faulty extension fan line that was in the box. Based on this experience you need to give users more options for attaching the Touch in the bay. Also since it is shorter than a DVD drive the special attachment mechanism for most DVD drives is not usable. Other than these two issues (that''s why I gave it four stars), it looks great and works well.

Great Product
Reviewer:IslandRob (2)
FrozenCPU shipped fast. Product was everything I hoped for. Sleek face matches my black case perfectly. 30 watts per fan channel, unit is well constructed. Only cons are actually minor gripes. The heat sensors could be longer. I have a Thermaltake Armor+ Full case which is huge. Depending on where you want the sensors, you could have a length issue. My other minor quibble is that I wish it had full sides rather then short sides but that''s just personal preference. Using the supplied screws it firmly attached in the bay but without them one side had some play. Otherwise it works flawlessly, gives your rig an understated but high tech look and has power to control all those air cooling OC''er fans. Buy it fast, they are very popular and are sold out in a day or two of them getting stock

Sexy fan controler
Reviewer:M4d69 (4)
Looks great and works even better. ez hook up.the options are great. the screen is crisp and clear. the controls are a little jumpy, like the video says, but u can get to were u want to go fast and very close. It goes to 51% or 49% insetd of 50% on the first few trys. those are close anuff for me, it is just fan speed. over al looks cool works great and the temp sensors it comes witha are great for finding hot spots,dead air in the case, makes adjusting the fans cake

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