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Koolance RP-452X2 Dual 5.25" Reservoir Rev 2.0 (Serial or Parallel) for 1 or 2 Pumps (RP-450 / Laing D5 / MCP655-B / MCP655)
Part #: ex-res-254
Price: $149.99
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Best Reservoir/Pump with a minor needed tweek.
Reviewer:n4cr (1)
I gave this a 5 with comments of support. I had a lot of fun converting my pumps to this set up and everything is well made and easy to work with. You have the option of having one pump or two, two pumps in series or parallel, and separate or combined reservoir. Cool options. I chose to make one reservoir with two pumps in series. After completing the adjustments which were easy while new and dry, I put it all back together and crossed my fingers. Now for my notes. To fill it I had to use a bendy drinking straw and a tiny funnel pushed into the straw. For future I am going to make a fitting for easy filling. After that the pumps were difficult to get started to purge the air. I had to tip my case left/right/back/forth to work out the air. Finally that satisfying BIG WHOOSH as the water starts racing through the lines. The final issue is having to keep the fill holes slightly open to equalize the reservoirs. Without the air hole it was totally sealed up and could not equalize into the other reservoir. With air it all flowed great. I think a pinhole airhole would fix that problem. I am thinking of drilling a pinhole in the top fill port caps. Unless you flip your computer upside down, it should be just fine. I love this design and I gained a HUGE amount of space. Very quiet.

Great res!
Reviewer:Ryan (2)
This review is for the v2 version. This res is great, coupled with a PWM D5 pump. fill ports on top and front (for 2 different reasons). It''s shorter than I expected, as it doesn''t even fill 60% of the drive bay for depth. Here''s the important stuff to know. When filling your loop from empty, you have to have the case/res on its back. (The D5 pumps are designed to sit horizontally, not vertically. Look at normal tops to see the difference.) If not, it won''t get water to the pump, and you will fry your pump. So, put your case on its back, and use the front port to fill it up and bleed it like normal. After it''s full, then stand it back up normal (and with water in the loop, the pump will now work fine). To top it off over time, you slide the res forward an inch, and use the top ports to top it off. You really can''t use the front fill ports to top it off. If you want to use only 1 pump, you can. It can put the pump on either side of the res. You can use both tanks up front for a single pump (just to keep it from looking lopsided), but it will only really use the liquid from one side. (You just remove the plug from the bottom to make it a ''series'' tank. If doing it this way, open the other ''front'' port a little to let air escape to bleed much easier, but it will overflow sooner than you think, so don''t let it get too full ;) I used Koolance QDC fittings so I could pull it out, as my tubing was a bit tight. Overall, very pleased with the product!

Take not the other bad reviews are for the older revisions of this item.
Reviewer:Darrell (1)
The 2.0 revision has addressed all the previous complaints. Was easy to fill in my duel loop configuration with 2 different fluid colors. My only complaint is its harder then heck to get the air bubbles off the glass I even tilted the case but they come back after a few hours. So I just filled them all the way full. Its also really quiet. Took my 6990 temps from the stock cooler under load from 75 deg to 33 deg using the copper ek waterblock and a quad fan radiator. Make sure you use an elbow if filling from the front ports it took me about 10 mins to fill and prime my system.

Dont know about these other reviews....
Reviewer:BulletLogic (1)
Used in my first water build. Was easy to install pump and mount in case. Zero vibrations from the pump. Dead silent even at max speed. Filling is easy due to the front fill ports.

Hell to bleed
Reviewer:douglatins (2)
Its well made and beautiful, but the worst first experience i''ve ever had with WC, this cost me and arm and leg and it was a complete and utter waste of money. Its sits at my closet now, i had to buy a pumptop and another res to replace this crap

A Superb, Innovative Product
Reviewer:DMMD (1)
I am particularly pleased with this product, and troubled by its poor reviews. It is superbly made, well thought out, and innovative. The charge regarding the o-ring is that of one inexperienced with simple plumbing best practice. The use of the term ''cavitate'' is inappropriate. No pump for liquid cooling is capable of lowereing P below H2O vapor pressure, nor would these cavitation events persist into the reservoir chamber. The user simply saw bubbles due to poor filling of the chamber. Priming the pump difficulties are irrelevant. I can see where a bay reservoir such as this would be tough to fill properly. I would have put it in a top bay (if practicable), accesable (with case mod), or filled, primed and tested prior to installing in the case, as the top fill port would be difficult to access otherwise. Planning! If you understand liquid cooling sysems at least at a rudimentary level, and can handle planning at the ''put pants on before shoes'' degree of difficulty, this is a wonderful product, and it looks cool, is exceptionaly made and shows real thinking/innovation in its implementation.......serious w00t kudos.

Pretty but without substance
Reviewer:OVerLoRDI (2)
Saves a lot of space and is impressive in that regard. However it is an absolute nightmare to bleed. Also the bleed kit they send you is plated with something that reacts badly and corrodes with standard copper blocks. Koolance''s response was to use their expensive coolant. Also you should use this with the MCP-655s that have flow control. At high speed the flow rate is high enough that bubbles just get sucked right back in. Especially true for the res that does not the bleed kit fix. So if you are running a 100% Koolance system with Koolance coolant and you don''t care that it takes many forever to bleed, go for it.

leaks and annoying to fill.
Reviewer:domoaligato (1)
the pump mount O-Rings leak if not installed just perfectly. Also the fillports do not work with compression fittings to add a T-Line and Fill Port. Tha Front fill ports also require you to tip and turn your case and this can warp the frame if you have alot of hardware in the case.

Poorly Made
Reviewer:Poor UV (3)
I do not recommend this product at all. I have two of these units with 4 brand-new pumps and the units require you to tip your case for filling and air removal. Both units make my pumps cavitate excessivley. The front fittings are useless. You will lose as much fluid as you it takes to fill each side. Many You-Tube reviews depict the same. I run 4 loops nd I am going back to two EK Dual lopps toppers and advanced EK reservoirs.