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Phobya 120x120x20mm Fan / Radiator Shroud - Plexi
Part #: ex-rad-217
Price: $12.99
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Does what it says, works good
Reviewer:ZytheEKS (12)
It''s a pretty cool product, but it''s nothing super special. It is 20mm so get whatever screws you have + 20mm, it doesn''t come with them. OR you could do what I did and drill open the first set of screw ports on the fan and slide a screw through to the second screw port. Will knock about 21mm off the screw size, that is,(or rather for me) knocked off enough space to not need new screws. In fact I had too much screw length, so I added a silencing gasket. Also, don''t listen to the specs that say it has 2 slots for LED lights. It has 2 slots PER SIDE. It has a total of 8x 5mm lED spots. The reason I only give it a 4 is simply because it is not anything special. Just a so so add.If I had the funds I would DEFINITELY spring for the Tecnofront AirBox series, but it''s over twice as expensive so meh

Does NOT come with screws.
Reviewer:Chandler (1)
I''m sure this shroud will work perfectly well...once I go buy some extra long screws so that I can actually attach it. If you''re going to buy this, be sure to get some 50mm long or longer screws to go with it, otherwise you''ll be making a trip to the hardware store.