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Phobya HeGrease Extreme Thermal Paste - 3.5g
Part #: thr-109
Price: $9.99
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Verdict is Still Out.
Reviewer:Mike Sr (1)
A copper based heat sink is on order as I don''t think the aluminum original was designed for a 3.06 Ghz P4. The Paste seemed quite thick and dry and was hard to spread. Will add or update review after I install new heat sink.

my new favorite thermal grease
Reviewer: ()
i placed it this on my twin frozr iii and it is overclocked the grease dropped my load temps by 6c and give or take 2 to 3c on idle from arctic silver on the gpu. could not tell much of a difference on the cpu i would say a max of 4c on load and 1 to 2c on idle

One of the Best!!!
Reviewer:Wareheads of 4heads (3)
After reading Skinnee Labs review of the 2011 thermal compounds, this one was #2 behind Indigo Extreme. The price was extremely reasonable for the amount of performance it has over the other thermal compounds. It has dropped my temps about 5 Celsius.