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Koolance ERM-3K3UC Cooling System - Copper - (No Nozzles)
Part #: ex-wat-172
Price: $1,399.99
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Koolance''s best effort so far (but you can do better)
Reviewer:MasonStorm (4)
At this point, I''ve owned an Exos-2, an ERM-3K4U5, a handful of self-built systems (you can select your own pump, rad, reservoir & fans), and now this. (As probably everyone knows) the best possible systems are self-built; I have a Magicool Nova 1080 radiator with an MCP-655 pump in my main rig, and once the air is bled from that system, it''s completely silent from two feet away (and my favorite build so far). In terms of these plug-''n-play, drop-''em-in, off-the-shelf, all-in-one systems, this one is the best I''ve seen. The Exos was simply too underpowered to cool anything more than 1-2 components. And the ERM-3K4U5 was APPALLINGLY loud, fit only for an industrial application (or some giant company''s IT room). But this ERM-3K3UC not only looks good, comes in a more svelte form factor, and has the full 1080 rad ----- but it''s fairly quiet, too! It''s still much louder than my self-built system, entirely because Koolance continues to choose pumps which are too loud. You can silence the fans, but even at its lowest setting, the pump in this thing is the loudest item in my room. (Come on Koolance, how hard would it be to contract with the makers of better pumps, such as the MCP-655?) And until you''ve completely bled the air from this thing, it too is RIDONculously loud - the air bubble sounds seeming to ECHO inside this thing''s case. BUT in terms of a quick-to-use, suitable testing-outside-of-my-case device, this fits the bill. You won''t want its noise in your HTPC system, and not in any long-term use (if you''re a silence aficionado like me). But other than that, it''s a good step in the right direction from Koolance, and I hope they continue their march toward truly top-quality, versatile, SILENT liquid cooling systems.