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Koolance RP-401X2 Single 5.25" Reservoir for 1-2 PMP-400 Pumps (Rev 1.1)(RP-401X2)
Part #: ex-res-294
Price: $127.00
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High Quality and Compact
Reviewer:eduncan911 (7)
The review over at Martin''s Lab is what convienced me to go with this. And I am NOT disappointed! Reading other reviews here at Frozencpu, others tend to have leaks over time due to the cheap acrylic boxing and covers. This unit uses a pressure plate to distribute the laod properly, one the single piece of acrylic/plexiglass for the front windows. Else, it''s a work of metal art! I purchase this because of my extremely limited case options. Then 4x 5.25" bays are split 50/50 with a sheet of metal (thank you Dell, :P). So, my options are limited for a 2-bay unit cause I have modified the lower drive bay to clear the radiators (plural), and the upper bay houses a blu-ray. So, that pretty much means I either saw off the sheet metal with precision, or I go with a single 5.25" unit. NOTE: What no one mentions ANYWHER about this unit is the use of Compresison Fittings will not clear either the upper or lower portions of the unit. So, for example, you mount this in the bottom, or top of your drive bays with compression fittings, then you won''t be able to remove it to use the fill ports! Wish I knew that ahead of time, as it would have saved me the $24 in compression fittings. :( I am having to use barbs for it now. Also note, you want to leave plenty of extra tubing connected to the in(s) and out(s), so you have room to maintain the fluid levels. All in all, these do not warrant a -1, so this gets a full 5 stars in my book. I am using it with matching Serial kit with 2x Swiftech MCP35X pumps in perfect harmony with my Dell ESA controller (was for the OEM PWM fans, but with a Y-splitter for PWM, this is working perfectly for two pumps in low speed generating a nice flow rate to match my radiators).