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5.25" Black Lian Li Bezel Guage 7-Backlight Illuminated Thermometer / Fan Bus
Part #: cpa-41
Price: $28.00
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Reviewer: Anonymous
Had it for less than a year, its constantly reading false errors from my pump RPM and temperature probes (which is accompanied by a jarring alarm sound). The back light is starting to fade and will soon be unreadable. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more on your temp monitor.

Great! But... Read this review for helpful hints
Reviewer:SVK (1)
The end product is awesome, but the instructions are very bad. Here is what I did. 1) I filed down the notches on the sides of the temp gauge until it would fit in the bezel. The gauge slides through the front as pictured but it will not fit unless you do some filing. 2) Then I used a few drops from a Hot-Glue gun to secure gauge to the bezel. I put the glue inside the bezel and out-of-sight from the front. 3) There is a button on the back of the gauge that controls what items are displayed. You will want to change this if you don''t connect any fans or it will display an error and beep continuously. I display only the four temps since I did not connect any fans. 4) I then hot-glued the four temp sensors to various areas on my mother board. I put one near the cpu, one near my ram, one near my video card, and one near my soundcard. These sensors are very accurate and the temps displayed varied qutie a bit. My video temp sensor runs a lot hotter than the others so it is important to remember which sensor matches the temp being displayed. I labled all of my sensors 1-4 before I mounted them. 5) Thatis it. Enjoy!!

Awesome for its price
Reviewer:streaml1ned (2)
I bought this for my 65B case and it fits well. You have to put it into the panel but thatís not a problem. Once, I got it in there, it became loose. The poster said something about using a hot glue gun to seal it back up. I just took a jewelers flathead screwdriver and pulled them back out and it sits nice. It looks great with the multiple colors that you can set and itís easy to use. For its price, itís simple but useful. A great buy from Lian-Li!

Works Great
Reviewer:Redeemer (1)
Works great, only thing is that they don''t ship it assembled like above, you have to put the device in yourself, no biggie, except that the plastic teeth on sides of the display shave off upon insertion, so you left with a little bit loose unit, but not to worry, a little hot glue does wonders. Instructions are crap, but its pretty much straight forward... Its surprising accurate.