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Akasa Flexa FP5 PWM 5-Way Splitter - Smart Fan Cable (AK-CBFA03-45)
Part #: cab-464
Price: $9.99
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great cables
Reviewer:ryan (1)
With this cables iam grouping 4 fans that are cooling my radiator from my motherboard cpu header for this to work and control fans feeds fan need to be pwm 4pin..

Use the same model fans for best results
Reviewer:Matt (2)
Works great. Allowed me to simplify the fan wiring to my external radiators/fans significantly. If you plug different models of fan into it they will all still run off the PWM signal, but the RPM that is given will only be accurate for the one fan. And to the guy angry about it being a dead-end molex: A pass through on something like this is a fire hazard. People would daisy-chain them together with high watt fans and melt the standard 18g molex wires.

splitter throws away 4pin plug
Reviewer:Bryan (2)
for a few more dimes, they could have wired it with a pass thru connector. pissed that it wastes a 4pin plug.

Best automatic fan controller
Reviewer:thatferrariguy (5)
Great product. Lets motherboard control speed of five fans. Cable length is plenty long for large cases. Why have a manual fan controller when you don''t need it? Having all my case fans at full speed didn''t change my temps at all, so just let this baby slow them down automatically!

life saver!
Reviewer:jns (22)
used this for 9 pwm fans and a pwm pump. all work perfectly. connected one to my graphics card and one to my cpu 4-pin. i also tried the case fan 4-pin and it worked perfectly. not sure if other reviewer''s MB has PWM on that port.

Useful cable!
Reviewer:frozenreads (1)
Allowed me to control all 9 fans via pwm, only issue I had was it would not work with my Case pwm header (ran fans at full speed and no pwm) only my Cpu Pwm fan header so had to daisy chain two of these together and run all 9 fans off the cpu header. This worked perfectly!