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Akasa 140mm x 25mm VIPER PWM Fan w/ Hydro Dynamic Bearings (AK-FN063)
Part #: fan-901
Price: $18.99
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The ultimate radiator fan
Reviewer:Luscious (2)
This is coming from a build done in 2015 where these fans have been running 24/7. What I can tell you based on 5 years using these is that they are by far the choice to go to when you need serious radiator cooling. I have these mounted in push/pull on 80mm thick radiators and they literally will lift a heavy cloth towel placed over the top - not a paper napkin, an actual bath towel. Using your motherboards PWM control they can run near silent and at just under 1k RPM they are almost that. But compared to the fanciest QL140 RGB fans out there these come in at literally A THIRD of the price with more than double the static pressure and CFM airflow - that''s some solid bang for the buck right there. Ideally if you want to step up from these you would get a Noctua or Delta, but again, those are 3x the price if not more to get similar CFM/mmH2O. To complete my build I added Halos Lux fan frames for a splash of RGB. Definitely recommend these fans for price/airflow and they are unbeatable for radiator use. 50K hour MTBF means they will last at least 6 years running 24/7 before the bearing is shot. Yellow is also my favorite color LOL.

Amazing performance.. however....
Reviewer:eviltone (2)
... these things are louder than they say at full bore. the 3 i have in my Corsair Air540 (2 top, one rear) combined with the 3 CM pwm''s in front and the 2 CM pwm''s on the Noctua air cooler ... they''re louder than all 5 of those combined. and the CM''s are supposed to be louder per fan....

great fan
Reviewer:erratic (6)
Good airflow and pretty much silent under 40%, but no matter the speed, always with a smooth acceptable tone.

These Vipers BITE the air!
Reviewer:Mike (2)
Very high quality fan, well made, high cfm airflow, and whisper quiet. I have one as a secondary filtered intake, and one replaced my main rear exhaust. Whole case temps dropped 5degC overall, yes, everything in the case! I have them paired with some CoolJag 120 PWM''s, and my case has become a wind tunnel! I have a mild 4.2Gig overclock on my FX8350 Bulldozer and this fan setup is MORE than adequate to manage temp spikes. My first time experience with Frozen was a pleasure, and has insured I will shop with them again.

Great fans
Reviewer:Marcin (2)
I needed to replace my stock H110 fans since one was making an noise at higher rps. Searched around and came across these Akasa Vipers. So far I''m pleased with these fans they perform great, and I don''t hear any odd noises or ratlles like I did with my stock H110 fans. The price is great, the quality is there, the fans are well built. Anyone looking for a replacement 140 mm radiator fans I would highly recommend these. They do the job while looking cool. Marcin

Quality Fans
Reviewer:Marcin (2)
I was looking to replace stock fans that came with my H110 Cooler, because one fan started to make odd noises. Since Corsair doesn''t make SP140 fans, I decided look for 140mm fans with high static pressure. These fans (Akasa Vipers) were recommended in a many forums, so I decided to give them a try. These are very well made fans, the quality is there, also the price is great too. I''m very happy with these fans so far, no odd noises and rattles. I would recommend these fans to anyone looking for 140mm PWM fans. Did I mention great price.

Solid fans, great performance
Reviewer:Matt (1)
Very well built and sturdy plastic, not flimsy like some. Two of these replaced the stock fans from a Corsair H110 which were rattling at high and low speeds. These vipers are very quiet, no sounds from the motor at all. With higher pressure, these Vipers push more air through the radiator at a lower speed than the stock fans. Great buy overall, I may get a few more to replace my case fans.

Works for me
Reviewer: ()
Replaced the stock 140''s on my Kraken x60 with these, they''re working great. The stock fans had max RPM of 1750 but had intolerable rattle above 1500 which made them unusable. These have max RPM of 1550 so don''t cool quite as well as the stock fans, but with max CPU temp of 61C after 30 min of Prime 95, I''m happy. My rig: I7 2600k overclocked to 4.7 ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/gen3 G.Skill Sniper 8 GB @ 1866

Best air flow / noise
Reviewer:2dogs (9)
I have a box full of expensive fans, only have Vipers in my case. Look good without added heat of LEDs. Best pressure/air flow at low speeds -- dead quiet. Best fan on rads.

Worth every penny
Reviewer:thatferrariguy (5)
Have 4 of the 120mm in my case and 1 on the cooler, and a 140mm on top. With them at low speed they''re very quite and produce a nice breeze and when they''re turned up they definitely move some air, but are pretty noisy.