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Bitspower Super Tight Weave 1/8" Cable Sleeve Deluxe - White
Part #: slv-210
Price: $0.59
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Reviewer:Orange Clockwerk (1)
Horrible quality, looks and feels cheap. Can see the wire color right through it. Never buying again. Stick with modsmart HD kobra sleeving!

Reviewer:Brad (2)
I ordered about 5 feet of this stuff to see if I should use it to sleeve my AX 850 power supply. It feels and looks awesome! Expect a large order soon. - A side note, make sure you get 1/4" heat shrink. I got 1/8" and it is nearly impossible to get on.

White Sleeving Bitspower
Reviewer:Zer0signal (3)
Sleeving looks very nice, it is a little transparent - but you must look very hard at it to see. Can easily paint your wire white, or tape it white, then slide the sleeve over. It came a little knotted up, but did not affect the sleeve at all. Would def recommend.

Reviewer:Judah (4)
I absolutely LOVE this sleeving! Not wanting to wait 2 weeks to receive and MDPC order, I decided to give Bitspower a try and I am glad I did. I recently purchased a NZXT 210 Elite case, and while I was happy with the all-black cables, I wanted to sleeve EVERYTHING in white. A quick test shows that colored/black cables do show through the sleeving, but this is to be expected (even MDPC will do that!) An easy solution is to wrap all of your cables with white electrical tape before sleeving, but the EASIEST way to do this is with Plumbers Thread Sealing Tape. It''s super light weight and a nice bright white. This 1/8th inch sleeving was nice to work with, as it is very tight and sturdy. It would NOT fit over a two-pin motherboard header (i.e. LED and on/off switched) but I didn''t expect it to! It fits nicely over PSU and Molex wires, and I managed to get it over the 3 wires that go from fan to motherboard. When all is said and done, this really is worth the premium price. It is a bright white, is very dense, and is a very nice sleeve to work with! Highly recommended!