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Silverstone Stackable 5.25" to 3.5" Hot Swap Drive Bay Adapter (SST-FP57B)
Part #: hdd-ss-03
Price: $29.99
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Reviewer:Sazuzaki (16)
just forgot to put 5/5 rating on my first review.. so ignore the ratings that I gave on that first review. this thing is perfect for its price! =]

Reviewer:Sazuzaki (16)
I was looking for a HDD rack to put into a 5.25" bay since I wanna remove the HDD rack off my HAF-932 case to make room for my future plans on water cooling. and this one was the cheapest SATA-III capable hotswap drive bay I can find here in FCPU. it was very simple build and sturdy as well, the power plugs in on a 4pin molex connector so that reduced my cables to use from my PSU and this thing worked perfectly. now I was able to remove the HDD rack off my HAF-932 case (it was attached by pop rivets, so I needed to remove it by drilling thru each of them) and it looks mighty clean and got more space to put my pump/res inside the case.