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XSPC 140mm x 25mm Radiator / Chassis Fan - 1450 RPM
Part #: fan-914
Price: $9.99
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Good fans
Reviewer:skline00 (2)
Have 9 of these on one side of a MO RA3 420 Pro and they perform well. I have 3 per row connected via a three way splitter into a single channel on my NZXT fan controller.

These fans work
Reviewer:The dude that knew this dude tha (2)
These fans are impressive. I got them right here at ''the Frozen one'' to work on my Black Ice Sr-1 420 radiator to pull. I currently own the Black Ice SR-1 420 (which cools my 2600k [email protected] I overclock it in winter to 5 GHz) and a SR-1 280 that cools my 5970. After installing these fans along with 1 other 140 mm fan (I used it to fill the gap on the 420) I saw an immediate 3 degree improvement on my CPU temps when HD gaming, while the 5970 remained at its previous temps. Now while that''s impressive to me, I was going to be surprised even further. I wanted to see how these fans would sustain a constant handling in effectively removing the heat from my rads even as the room temps increased. This is important for how well it will handle the heat when the parts are overclocked. My room temps when I took these numbers were 75''F. In my previous test while playing a Multiplayer high def game without these fans, my room temps while at 75''F saw the cpu @ 35''C, MB 27''C, Gpu 1/2- 27/34''C. Now after installing these fans and playing that same game for over an hour with no a/c, my room temps went up and look at the numbers for the [email protected] 3400 MHz, 1.200v. Room temp 76''F, cpu temp 31, 5970 Gpu 1/2-28/34, motherboard 28''C. Room temp 77''F, CPU temp 31.5''C, 5970 Gpu 1/2-28/34''C, motherboard 28''C. Room temp 78''F, CPU temp 32''C, 5970 Gpu 1/2-29/35''C, motherboard 29''C. Room temp 82''F, cpu temp 34''C, 5970 Gpu 1/2-31/38''C, motherboard 31''C Note: neither my CPU or Gpu is overclock at the moment, but I do so in the winter. Now I want you to understand that before installing these fans when my room temperature was at 82''F, my cpu was running @ 38-39''C while my 5970 was still at 31/38''C. That''s an improvement of 4.5''C which is tremendous. And to make matters even nicer, these fans are nowhere near loud, they are quiet. I turned my a/c off and listen only to the computer and I can only hear a light sound of the breeze its passing. I am very impress with these fans and believe me I have purchased quite a bit of fans that make their claims but don''t deliver. These XSPC fans really are impressive, I high recommend them.