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XSPC EX240 Dual 120mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator
Part #: ex-rad-315
Price: $69.99
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Great price, some QC issues
Reviewer:Leslie (34)
At 35.99 for a brand name 240 cooper/brass you really cannot go wrong. My radiator has a couple problems... the ports are not very squared up with each other... one port faces off one direct, and the other is pretty straight... looks pretty ghetto. Other big issue was the extreme amount of manufacturing debris in the radiator... spend 3 days flushing it and it still clogs up my CPU block. It is quite thin... but the core is even thinner... huge space between the screws and the frame... so in reality you are getting a relatively small core, so do not expect extreme performance. The radiator is relatively dense, but nothing crazy. At this price however, it is a perfect start for someone looking to get into water cooling, or add to a loop that needs more surface area.

Better than expected
Reviewer:Cestessr (3)
I poked a hole in my 45mm x 360 EKWB rad. And needed a quick replacment and I live in a city that has a Microcenter which carries Frozen CPU products Good move. Well the only rad they had in stock was this little thing or so I thought so I bought it boy was I suprised this small powerhouse out did my big 360 takes up less space and is betterlooking ie fit and finish ect. this is a product that excells.

Reviewer:Rusasus (4)
Its a great quality rad,nice and sturdy, it was not what i expected (low profile radiator) it ended up being a verytight fit on my 600t(mounted at the top) it slightly goes over the screw points on the motherboard limiting me in buying motherboards with chip set heatsink''s located on top/8 pin cable that is close to the edge. Over all its a good quality rad but not what was expected. (lot of room between the actual rad and the mounting areas....Weird

Good enough to cool an engine, good enough for anything.
Reviewer: ()
I purchased this radiator from FrozenCPU to aid in the cooling of a 10,000 RPM high-performance motorcycle. Specifically, it is used as an oil cooler in a dry-sump system. It is placed directly after the oil pump, where the oil is hottest. The oil would reach it''s death temperature (over 300*C) on occasion before this radiator was put into the loop. The oil is now MUCH cooler after being pumped through this radiator. I am impressed. Thank you XSPC for making an all-metal radiator capable of cooling BOILING MOTOR OIL! And thank you FrozenCPU for carrying them! Simply amazing! Much better than radiators that are actually designed to be oil coolers. They are so ineffective! This thing ROCKS though! It''s nice to know I can add FOUR large fans to this if I need cooling at low-speed where air doesn''t flow over the radiator! I am a happy rider and engine builder.