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Logisys 8" Dual Cold Cathode Kit - UV
Part #: lit-301
Price: $7.99
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Nice, when they worked
Reviewer:MGCJerry (1)
I bought these a long time ago, but wasn''t able to install them at first. When I was finally able to install them, they worked great at least for the first 4 hours. Then I had one lamp that was extremely dim. I tried swapping ports on the inverter, and that same lamp was extremely dim. The velcro does suck. Make sure you have other velcro on hand or an alternative on hand. When they worked, they were nice and bright and looked great.

Looks Great
Reviewer:Morbidbystandard (1)
Excellent product for the price. However the Velcro is substandard and the unsleeved white cables do glow under the UV light. The product itself is very functional and with little modding makes a great addition to my case.

Not bad.
Reviewer:NinjaSushi2 (4)
The other guy is an idiot. Logisys makes good products imo. Boohoo so you have to buy real velcro. Most real modders always have some anyways. Run down to Home Depot and buy 1m of extra strength velcro for 5 bucks. Good product but I prefer the CCFL that Logisys make with the inverter installed into the housing. Hook to a Molex and switch and your good.

i hate writing bad reviews.
Reviewer:jarvin (9)
ive never really had to write a bad review but i feel that you all should definitely know whats coming in the box. first, you ALL need to buy better adhesive/velcro from where ever. this stuff does NOT stick and it appears that im not the only with this problem either.. i am constanly having to stick these back in place. also, the white cables are VERY short and cheap hardly leaving you with room to tidy/manuever the components around in your case to make it neat, i dont know about you but i like my case VERY neat and those cables made it quite tough on my. the product definitely works fine with no issues and if the above comments do bother you that most likely you will be very satisfied with this product, cheers.