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Aerocool Shark Red Edition 140mm x 25mm High Air Pressure Fan w/ Red LEDs
Part #: fan-915
Price: $16.99
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Good Airflow
Reviewer:John (2)
I bought three of these several years ago to replace the case fans in my Obsidian 800d. They move the air in my case very well. I''m very happy with them. The previous reviewer mentioned using these for his radiator. Keep in mind, these are high airflow fans, not high static pressure fans. These fans were never meant for radiators.

Less than satisfied
Reviewer:Sudo (1)
I purchased three of these for a triple rad setup. The fan blades themselves seem excessively thin. To the point where there flimsiness concerned me. The frame is well constructed and the cabling was sleeved very nicely. After about 4 months two out of three of these started sounding a bit strange. At first it sounded like HDD chatter but I quickly discarded that theory by unplugging these fans. It''s gotten worse and worse over the last two weeks. It seemed that tapping on them would help at times. Probably wouldn''t buy these again unless maybe i just received some bad fans. I''ve always had good luck with aerocool in the past.