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XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay - DDC Dual Pump / Dual Split Reservoirs w/ Dual Pumps Installed - Clear (CUSTOM-DDCBAYTWO)
Part #: ex-res-329
Price: $229.95
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Hard to give it a good review
Reviewer:Tanderson (2)
When I first set it up, the fittings in the back leaked, it was easy to loosen and difficult to tighten when install. With both pumps running in series, great flow. I liked the large reservoir holes, easier to fill and deep reservoir. Worked great for about a year then one of the mcp35x pumps burned out, huge scorch mark on my dvd player below it, the smell was horrible. Since it was past a year and not installed in a Swiftech reservoir, I''m out of luck. I decided to switch to another bay reservoir, so I decided to take the good pump off, it was the most difficult and excruciating ordeal I''ve dealt with. I actually busted the acrylic sockets and busted the swiftech pump to get the pump out, so I used the burned up pump housing to replace the busted house, it worked. You can kind of see from my experience why I give it a two.

Great concept bad pumps
Reviewer:DarkInstinct (1)
Worked well for about months then one of the motors completely burned up. Also a little noisy.

unexpected surprises
Reviewer:Jim in PA (6)
1 - suspiciously, they only provide the "ID" sizes of the provided fittings; however, not knowing the OD proved disastrous as they do not accomodate 3/4" OD tubing. I feel ripped off there. 2 - Even though there are slots for 3 LED lights in the back, they only give you one. Would have been nice of them to tell you that. 3 - Don''t get the "custom" white sleeving. It is so dull and semitransparent that it looks more gray than white, AND they only sleeve the power cords, nothing else (so know that)

Looks amazing
Reviewer:Kunming (4)
Had this put together with dual MCP35x swiftechs from your guys here at frozencpu.It came with the hex tool to put on the front cover. So far an amazing investment.