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3-Pin Power Distribution PCB 4x 3-pin + 4x 2-pin Block (MMT-PCB-3-4342)
Part #: ele-992
Price: $6.99
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What on earth are the MMT guys smokin''?
Reviewer:PepeLapiu (4)
This splitter is a great idea, but the MMT guys found a way to screw it up with really poor design. 1) The power in header is a male header when EVERYBODY ELSE in the industry uses a female connector on the motor side and a male on the power side. This stoopit design forces you to either make your own cable to plug this to your controller or mobo, or buy their custom cable for it. And they should at least indicate that in the description, or include one with the splitter. 2) Between the 3-pin and 2-pin headers, there is a very stoopit capacitor that causes half of your fans to run slower. That cap has no business being there. 3) The four 3-pin headers merge the rpm signal of all 4 fans into one scrambled signal. No controller or mobo on earth can possibly read the rpm signal of more than one fan on a single wire. So this will cause your controller to read a false 30-40 rpm when your 4 fans are connected to it. 4) The pins on those headers will come loose extremely easily and loose contact. Two of my four splitters became loose and useless after less than 10-20 minutes of fidling with it. I epoxied the back of tge other two to prevent that from happening. I made them word.....with a lot of modding to them. But these splitters are not at all plug-and-play. They are intended for guys who are handy with epoxy, pinning their own cables, and soldering.