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Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 480mm Radiator (14175)
Part #: ex-rad-341
Price: $159.99
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Mr Metal
Reviewer:Mr Metal (1)
Truly a rad worth writing home about. Thermals were about expected but having research in mind I had high expectations to start with. I like that Alphacool designed it with at least a sheet metal guard behind the screw-holes for added protection. Screws were good but it seems some were intended for a thicker mounting base (2 sets of 16 for fans 1 set normal length inside case and 1 set 5mm longer for case/fan mounts and 1 extra set of shorties for no case side fan mounting) Luckily I have plenty of nylon spacers just the right size hanging around to make it work but the 5th star would''ve easily been had for a larger variety of mounting hardware. Some may have said that you really need to rinse these for debris and flux. I did so very thoroughly with hot water, vinegar and distilled water I honestly saw nothing come out which was a pleasant surprise however don''t skip it either way!

Did not come with everything specified in the Specifications.
Reviewer:Crow2099 (1)
Seeing as I still don''t have everything to finish my full loop to test the temps I get from using this rad but the included items were not exactly what was specified to come with the rad. The plugs were not copper plated but what I can only guess is nickle platted and all the screws were not copper plated but standard black screws. If you are going to advertise what is to come with a product I would expect to get exactly what I pay for. On another note. The logo is no longer there in the center but now in the bottom corner opposite of the inlet/outlet end and is printed in blue. Not really going to complain about the logo location and not so much on the screws but if anything why were the plugs changed from copper to what it came with?

Included screws are horrible
Reviewer:Holton0289 (1)
Screw heads are so small. Not enough screws. Wrong sizes for 25mm fans. no screws to moun t rad directly to case then hang fans from bottom.

Awesome rad
Reviewer:maximus7651000 (2)
Fits perfectly in the bottom of my 900D and keeps both of my GTX780 hydro coppers running @ 36C max load temps with dual D5 pumps.