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XSPC EX140 Single 140mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator
Part #: ex-rad-354
Price: $45.99
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Lasted a year and a half
Reviewer:Alex (1)
Noticed my loop was starting to lose water. Eventually discovered that the radiator had a leak right in the middle that randomly formed. There are no mixed metals in my loop an di use distilled water so there should have been no reason for this to happen. I blame poor construction of the product

bang for buck? i think so!
Reviewer:duhjuh (4)
dont let its price fool you this thing is solid.. and performance matches build quality...easily out strokes a double thick 120...

Reviewer:wouldntuliketoknow (15)
one of the few bright spots in my recent build. usually when an item is priced below its competition its for a reason so i was hesitant to buy this. im glad i did. this is a solid radiator without any real flaws. you get pretty much exactly what the picture shows, a plain radiator at a good price. for the record, the radiator itself i wouldnt describe as thin, its the inside wavy part that isnt as tall as it probably should be. but overall if youre looking for an inexpensive 140 id have no probs recommending this