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Akust Rubber Anti-Vibration Fan Screw - 8 Pack (AV01-0000-AKS)
Part #: ele-1063
Price: $5.99
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Great fan mount
Reviewer:Asc (2)
After having another brand of silicone fan mounts (I can''t bring myself to call them screws without any screw threads on them) tear a day or two after installation, I was a little concerned that maybe they just were not a good idea. These mounts changed my mind. They installed more easily than the other ones, thanks to their longer "tail" that allows the user to pull on it even if the open corner of the fan is not easily accessible. They install easily and hold the fan securely, and not one of them has torn (I ordered 2 packs, with 4 sets of mounts total). I''ve installed them and uninstalled them in several different cases, and installed and uninstalled several fans on each within each case. After all that, they still hold the fans in place securely and are in great shape. None of that would matter if they failed in their job of quieting the fans, but they did this quite well. I plan to buy more of these fan mounts (I have a lot of fans and cases!)