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Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Quad 120mm Radiator - 80mm Thick!! (14183)
Part #: ex-rad-412
Price: $169.99
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Amazing Performance
Reviewer:LaBestiaHumanaMX (3)
I''m cooling 2 heavily overclocked and overvolted GTX Titans, and a 4930K with a single monsta rad. Idles 2C above ambient and at full throttle, I''m doing roughly 12C over ambient after about an hour. Wanna add another Monsta in the basement, to separate the cpu, mobo and chipset. If you got the space in your case for this monster, by all means go for it.

Great Product, Improvement Suggestion
Reviewer:Arlie Proctor (2)
This is a well built radiator. Fittings are excellent and flow through this thing is great. The tapped holes for screws do leave something to be desired. As it ships currently, the radiator is tapped for M3 screws. For something this heavy when full, that is tiny, even when including four posts in the mounting to the back of my case. I have to be very careful moving the case in order to avoid bending or breaking the mounts. Upgrade to M4 and you''d have an absolute winner on your hands. This thing is a beast.

Lives up to its name.
Reviewer:Ugapug (1)
I was already running the 60mm version of this radiator, and decided to add this one to the system as well. It definitely works more easily to dissipate heat than even the UT60, which is an excellent radiator itself. My only complaint is the backwards alphacool logos on the side, a problem the UT60 had as well. With the inlet/outlets at the rear of the case, the MB side rad''s log o is upside down. Not a big deal, but it''s kind of annoying.