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ModRight Ninja Vibration Silencer 120mm Fan Gasket w/ Lip - Black
Part #: fss-37
Price: $1.99
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Exactly what I expected
Reviewer:XionEternum (4)
Here''s the thing; Corsair SP120 fans look great and all, but they have that gap along the edge of the frame that can cause a loss of pressure when applied to a radiator. Some have taken to duct tape or electrical tape to seal these holes and force all airflow through the radiator. This is a much better option. I have tested this already, just now. It seals the Corsair SP120 fans to any radiator and prevent all pressure leaks. Performance has increased by a few degrees. The only viable flaw is being unable to mount them side by side with standard 15mm spacing radiators without slicing off an entire side. Do this with an surgical knife though to keep things precise. I would then suggest gluing them together at the cut edges. Let them set before using them though.