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ModRight Ninja Vibration Silencer 140mm Fan Gasket w/ Lip - Black
Part #: fss-42
Price: $1.99
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Just what the doctor ordered!
Reviewer:WJC3 (10)
I have two 140mm fans in the top of my case and they are both determined to make me insane. Even using silent fans, they vibrate out of sync and made the case into the boom box from hell. I ended up putting them on different fan outputs so I can control the spins of each to keep them in sync. Put these in between the fans and case, snugged the screws up, and the only noise now is the pump in the bottom. Oddly enough, the original 120mm fan in front and rear are silent and run 100% for the last 4+ years with no troubles. Should have done this to begin with!