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FrozenCPU USB 3.0 20-Pin Internal Extension Cable - 16" (FCUC-02)
Part #: cab-1006
Price: $9.99
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The only reason my front panel has USB 3.0
Reviewer:BovineMage (1)
It''s a spiffy extension cable for USB 3.0 internal connections. You can''t ask for better, and this was I needed to extend the tiny, little cable that came with my motherboard. As my title states, I would have had to downgrade to USB 2.0 if I didn''t have this cable to reach the connection on my mobo. As a tip, you can strip the ribbed looking section that covers the portion of the cable that connects to the plug, for extended flexibility (I needed to do this on mine). Just make sure to cover it back up with electrician''s tape or heatshrink wrapping to protect the internal cabling when you''re done.