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Swiftech MCP655 Variable Speed 12v Water Pump w/ G1/4 Thread Ports (Perfectly Tapped)
Part #: ex-pmp-203
Price: $139.93
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5 year lifetime
Reviewer:PH8TLComa1 (1)
I can vouch for the lifetime, Iíve had mine for 4 years now. It gave out on me today. I am surprised, looking back now, at how long this pump actually lasted me. Iíve gotten used to not turning off my computer at night because of my trust in this pump. I am seriously considering buying another one so it can last me another few years.

Variable speed for variable needs
Reviewer:l3oxy (2)
Can move a lot of water if you need it, but I usually keep the speed around "1.5" to reduce the noise in my near-silent build.

Better than my HPPS pumps
Reviewer:Boxhead (4)
This is a great pump, nuff said! The only flaw on mine was that a slight gouge was on the underside of the curved outlet, so not perfectly tapped...

Awesome Pump
Reviewer:LiNK (13)
Not going to get into to much detail here as others are right on. Pump is quiet when mounted in a Monsoon Series Two Premium res. Pump moves some water now!

Solid pump.
Reviewer:gthanson (19)
I''ve had this running for just over a week, through a pair of EK VGA waterblocks, a 480mm rad, and the reservoir (I''ll add the CPU to the loop when I upgrade later). On the third setting I can just barely hear it when I open the case and get close to it. One thing worth mentioning though: Although the input/output ports are well tapped and I haven''t experienced any leaks even on the highest setting, they are tapped in PLASTIC. It''s a lot easier to strip these out while screwing the fittings in than if they were metal. Just something to keep in mind.

Swiftech MCP655 Variable Speed 12v Water Pump w/ G1/4 Thread Ports (Perfectly Tapped)
Reviewer:Bitspower G1/4 Thread Flow Senso (12)
This pump works very well for my loop which consists of a 360 rad, CPU block, and mosfet block. Smooth and quiet. It didn''t like my chipset block and choked out a dribble on setting 4, setting 5 heated up the water too much, without the chipset block this pump hurled the water into the reservoir, so I backed it down to setting 4 again. All is perfect now, I have been using this for several months now and no issues.

Awesome pump
Reviewer:Hebrewbacon (3)
I just built my first watercooled pc and decided to go with this pump along with the G1/4 threads. The pump is quiet and performs perfectly so far. The threads are perfectly tapped and will fit any G1/4 compression fitting or barb.

Best ever
Reviewer:jlwemtp (8)
This is the third pump I have purchased and is the best. I would recommend to others

Best pump so far
Reviewer:jlwemtp (8)
I have a bay res and pump combo and a second pump with res. This pump is the best by far that I have had. My other pump like this one did not have the connection and having them is a great idea and looks so much better. I would recommend this to others.

Best pump I''ve dealt with
Reviewer:Eponiah (13)
Works very well, and since the vario gives a tad more speed, than the non version, its worth in that regard as well.

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