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Fujipoly / ModRight Ultra Extreme System - 60 x 50 x 1.0 - Thermal Conductivity 17.0 W/mK
Part #: thr-182
Price: $24.99
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Best thermal pads to date!
Reviewer:mark_thaddeus (1)
I bought a pack of this pad to see if it was as good as some people have claimed it to be. My old temps for my mosfets were 60 *C to 63*C, now here are the results: Ave = 50.7*C Min = 48.1*C Max = 53.2*C This was measured using a Mastech 6520A infrared thermometer while running Heaven 4.0. The mosfets were measured by aiming at the bottom part of the heatsink closest to the mosfet. I would say pretty outstanding results! Now excuse me as I stock up on these things!

You get what you pay for!
Reviewer:Delitus (1)
Full load VRM temperatures for my 7970 went from ~110c to just over 40. I''m absolutely floored.