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Swiftech MCP655-PWM-DRIVE 12v Water Pump Module - PWM Enabled (Single Version)
Part #: ex-pmp-214
Price: $119.95
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Awesome reliability
Reviewer:Steve (1)
Original purchase was in August of 2013 and has been in nearly continuous use since. I recently noticed the RPMs wandering around some taking it out of its nearly silent operation which has me concerned it may be nearing its end finally. I just ordered another to have on hand for when this one meets its demise.

can run silently
Reviewer: Anonymous
My computer is nearly silent so I needed a pump to match. I found it too noisy until lowered to about 1500 RPM which is perfect in terms of silence while still pushing enough water.

Reviewer:mrnuke (21)
It works great. Lots of flow. A little on the noisy side, but the PWM control fixes that. The construction is great. Every little part of this pump reaks of quality. I only have two complaints. For one, the wires have no stress relief coming out of the pump''s body. Second, the wires are not sleeved. Both of these issues can be easily solved with a bit of patience. Overall, this is probably the best D5 pump money can buy.

Round 2
Reviewer:Kepler (1)
The pump was great until it failed about 6 months after installation. I managed to get a replacement, but this time I think I''m going to leave the PWM controller disconnected from the motherboard and just run it at full speed. Maybe something about the varying speed wears out the pump or something...

Not reliable
Reviewer:sobolz (1)
Quiet and powerful as advertised. But. Worked for less than half a year and then suddenly died. Something with the controller. It doesn''t turn on and mobo displays a CPU fan error. Does anyone have schematics?

Very nice flow, and quiet with Feedback and control. Awesome!
Reviewer:DEPHIC (6)
Very quiet. Can''t hear them on highest setting unless I put my ear right next to them. Moves alot of water. I have 2 in parallel configured to shut my pc down if they ever stop working. My XSPC reservoir scared me enough to switch to something I could run parallel in case a pump failed. Running 2 MCP655''s in a Koolance rp-452x2 reservoir.

absolutely impressed....
Reviewer:RELtimes Graphics (21)
I am impressed with this pump. Coming from an XSPC X20 bay res pump tis thing blows it away. PWM and flow speeds over 1200 gallons per hour!!! Glad I had a panic attack and ordered this with the Monsoon series bay res. The two make a great team. easy to assemble and totally easy to put in. I''m going to keep my replacement XSPC bay res combo for my future build for my girls. Next on the agenda? a new 360 rad. this was the best improvement I could have made. Buy this pump!*!*!**!

Quiet work horse
Reviewer:Thomas McCarthy (4)
At standard speed without pwm active on the 4 pin header its very quiet and at full speed its still ultra quiet and dislodges bubbles you didn''t realize were still there.

Very Nice!
Reviewer:MikeXM (5)
I got two of those for my twin loops system. They are very quiet. Not mentionned in the specs: you also get a pump speed feedback. Would buy again!

Very Nice!
Reviewer:MikeXM (5)
I got two of those for my twin loops system. They are very quiet. Not mentionned in the specs: you also get a pump speed feedback. Would be again!