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Mayhems Pastel Coolant Concentrate - 250mL - Pastel Red
Part #: ex-liq-285
Price: $14.99
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Looked Great for 3 months
Reviewer: Anonymous
Started turning black after 5 months, directions on label are inadequate you MUST use Mayhems Blitz Kit to clean Rads. Some rad manufacturers worse than others. While manufacturer claims chemicals left in rad, tho I did cleaning and more than instructions on bottle, did observe that as soon as coolant got up to high 30s when warmer weather arrived, the color changed.

Nice coolent
Reviewer:Raymondhim (1)
I have been using this coolant in my dual GPU plus CPU loop with a 360mm and 240mm radiator for a year and have had no issues with it. Still looks like it did when I got it. No clouding. (Side note temperatures are fine with this coolant. A 5 degree Celsius difference is to be expected with a coolant like this.

Do Not Buy This!
Reviewer:kshafe (1)
my system ran NOTICEABLY hotter with this in over distilled water. I was shocked! temps are easily 5 degrees Celcius higher. I have the EK D5 pump, set to 4.5 and even turned it to full blast.. didn''t seem to matter. In a very simple loop with just cpu block, a single 120 rad, a dual 120 (240) rad and that''s it. No way would I recommend this product. I wish I could return it and get my money back!