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FrozenCPU ConnectRight DIY SATA EZ Crimp Connector - Black - 90° (M-SCA-16F-BK)
Part #: ele-135
Price: $1.25
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Work flawlesly
Reviewer:PepeLapiu (4)
Best used with 18 or 16 gauge wires. You don''t need thiiner wires anyway. 20 gauge is too small. These are great. I which they''s make easy crimp Molex 4 pin connectors as well.

They do the job, need more info.
Reviewer:Extra-Titanian (1)
Ordered a bunch of these, they got here pretty fast considering the distance they had to go. Easiest way to get wire into the slots is with a punchdown tool. It''d just be nice to know what the recommended wiresize for these are. The standard 20 gauge wire on most power supplies is too thin so it can''t really be cannibalized for these too well. Would have been nice to know what gauge is needed when I ordered them, so I wouldn''t have to place another order. More info on the product page please!

Know what you are getting
Reviewer:Roger (3)
These SATA connectors are the "punchdown" type which means they require a tool to press the wire into the connector which automatically strips the insulation and makes a gas-tight connection. IF you have the tool, these connectors work wonderfully. If not, one is likely to try to press the wire in with a screwdriver or other makeshift tool and end up breaking wires, pins or both. I heartily recommend these connectors if you have the proper punchdown tool. If not I heartily recommend you stay away from them and use the wire crimp style instead.

Reviewer:Cat (10)
Been using these connectors for banks of up to 5 high capacity HHDs using stripped stranded 18AWG wire, twisted then soldered at the cut end. Pushing the stripped wire is easier then insolated, but tedious, if you’re a stickler for neatness. The HDDs’ spacing is approximately 1⅛” and heat shrink tubing was cut to fit and used between each connector on each wire. Pass through caps are in tandem and an end cap is used at the last connector in the line. The cluster of cables is connected to the PSU sheathed cables using gold Molex male & female pins with each connection covered with heat shrink. A larger heat shrink covers the cut end of the PSU woven sheath and encapsulates the wire bundle much like an exhaust manifold. The appearance is tidy, straightforward and above all works like a charm.

Does not meet standard Molex Specification
Reviewer: ()
It doesn''t meet molex specification part number 679260011 & 679260041. You need to push cables in the pins by screw or any other tool. However, molex standard specification for the cover is coming with pins, so when you close the cover it will push the cables into the connector.