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PrimoChill Intensifier Transparent Fluid Dye - Clear/UV Blue (IBT-CBL)
Part #: ex-liq-311
Price: $8.95
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Barely works
Reviewer:Korman (1)
Added two whole bottles to about 600 mL of coolant in a small custom loop. Illuminated by three 300mm cold cathode UV lamps. Effect is tiny at best, mostly just makes the coolant look a bit more opaque. Talk about overkill input for underwhelming results.

Not Very Reactive
Reviewer:Scarlrt (4)
I used an entire bottle in a 1.25l System, and put a UV light to it, and barely get any color difference from what the Reservoir gives off normally. Hopefully they can give suggestions on how much to use, as it seems that color dyes give off a more vibrant effect compared to this UV Dye.

its gonna take more
Reviewer: ()
Features state that one 15ml bottle will dye 1g of coolant, I ended up using a 15ml bottle in 1 liter of coolant and there is almost a slight glow. My first time using a dye but I cant imagine there is more to it than (pour in dye, let it mix) anyway I''m guessing for 1 liter of coolant go with three bottles of dye.