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Mod/Smart Mic/Speaker - Output Dust Cover - Black (DC-MIC-BK)
Part #: ele-1156
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Dust can be King
Reviewer:Cat (10)
Having exposed case interiors means lots of periodic cleaning, and with over 14 LED fans in 4 systems with front I/O panels, dust becomes king in short order. Anything helping keep the dust king at bay is worth it. These little guys as well as all the other dust covers are a must, especially when there are exposed USB, fire wire, audio-video I/O and SPDIF jacks on A/V front panels. The only one not found at Frozen PC was RCA jack covers. Not to worry though, there is a cost effective and tidy looking solution. Go to case fan accessories / push pin screws, order a few, then neatly cut some old COAX black cable into .5 sections, gut them, insert the center of the case fan plastic screw into the COAX section and push them into your RCA jacks. They look tidy, keep the dust out and won''t interfere with the internal contacts.

Mod/Smart Mic/Speaker - Output Dust Cover
Reviewer:COCAINE (3)
These are made of a hard plastic. The image makes them look like rubber. I don''t like these as much as I like the other dust covers, mainly the USB covers. These are -very- tiny and they don''t seem to fit into the port all that well. Once they are inside the port, it can be hard to remove them because there is no handle on them. You need to pry them out with your fingernails. In my experience they usually pop out and fall on the floor, never to be found again. They would be good if you never use those ports, and just want to cover them. But they probably aren''t a good solution for someone who needs to remove them often (as I do with the USB covers).