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Phobya TPC 30W - 4 Channel 5.25" Bay Fan or Pump Controller (70222)
Part #: bus-349
Price: $42.99
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Not Very Good For High Amp Fans
Reviewer:Jukebox Johnny (3)
I bought this to take care of 4 fans that I purchased Delta 120 x 25mm Extreme High-Speed Fan - 150.33 CFM 3 ea, and 1 Delta 120 x 38mm Super Extreme High-Speed Fan - 240.96 CFM. This controller will control the fans, however, when set to a lower speed the power cycles so all you hear is a rev, stop, rev stop, rev, stop sound. It is annoying. It will not keep the fans at a constant speed without the above mentioned issue. It will run them at full throttle without problems, however so will my motherboard. The sound is not noticeable on low wattage fans. IT is setup correctly, and I have plenty power supply for the task. IF anyone can recommend a better controller I would appreciate it.