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XSPC Razor GTX 770 Full Coverage VGA Block - Reference Design
Part #: ex-blc-1506
Price: $39.99
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Good waterblock
Reviewer:urb0123 (2)
My thermistors tell me the cards are running between 28-32C. I haven''t overclocked my cards yet, I haven''t seen a need to. I love the looks and the design of these water blocks. Very solid, no leaks and a lot of mounting options. Thank you "Anonymous", you are correct. I had them remove my previous ignorant review.

EVGA 04G-P4-3776-KR not compatable?
Reviewer: Anonymous
If you look under Product Design and click on the Compatibility Guide, it will take you to a web page listing some cards that should work. Your model isn''t even on the list, so I don''t know where you saw it was compatible. I have just purchased this item and will be installing it onto my EVGA 02G-P4-2770-KR. It shows this base card to be compatible. I should be able to push the 770 card as well, if not better, than the fastest 770 without water cooling. I hope this helps you.

Reviewer:jand2340 (2)
Purchased one to put on my Evga GTX 770 that had the ACX cooler on it. Now Im not a huge gamer but I do bench alot and I have never seen temps go above 38C.. It totally surpassed my expectations. I heard along time ago that once you water cool a GPU you will never go back and I agree.. Beautiful Full block looks great with the LED lighting. Perfect addition to my Photon 170/D5, Raystorm AMD block and EX420MM radiator.