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Lowara D5 PWM Pump Motor w/ Mount Ring - Single Edition
Part #: ex-pmp-260
Price: $79.99
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Decent pump
Reviewer:Jake B. (1)
I have (or had, since 1 failed) 2 of these with the EK D5 Dual CSQ pump top. They are nearly silent except for when running between 2000 and 2550 rpm or above 4200 rpm. With both pumps in the 2000-2550 range they create a, very annoying, light humming sound that fades in and out at random intervals. This sound is likely caused from the dual pump top or having two of these pumps in succession rather than the pumps themselves. Above 4200 rpm they create a high pitch whine that is only audible to certain people (usually younger people), at all other speeds they''re silent unless your ear is pressed up against them. One of the pumps failed about a month ago, less than a year of use. The other is still running strong(and silent) and currently pushing water through 3 480mm rads(one mounted externally), 2 EK FC GPU blocks, an EK CPU block, EK R4BE VRM and chipset blocks, as well as the dead pump and a complex loop using 1/2" OD acrylic tubing. While I''m rather upset with the failed pump, the performance of the working pump still gives this a 4 out of 5. If I have another failure in the next year I will be changing this review to a 1.

Great Pump!
Reviewer:ScottyC (1)
Only giving this 4 stars cause I can not get the tach drive to work with my mobo. I have a Z77 Sabertooth. Also when you plug it into the CPU Fan plug the PWM slows the pump way down.