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XSPC Photon 270 Tube Glass Cylinder Reservoir / Pump Combo V2 (D5 Vario SATA)
Part #: ex-pmp-264
Price: $199.99
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Best res/pump combo
Reviewer:Jpoirier587 (2)
Great res/pump combo. I recommend getting the classier looking aluminum ring that comes separate. It makes the unit look a hundred times better. The pump is strong and as close to silent as you can get once all the air is bled out. The only thing I''m not giving it a fifth star for is not coming with that better looking aluminum ring and for XSPC not sleeving their power cables.

Looks great, poor cabling
Reviewer:Ikuzo (1)
Was very impressed with the looks of the reservoir. However, there was poor cabling with the 4pin molex as the black cable fell out of the socket. I was unable to push the cable back into the pin so I had to cut the molex out and replace it. Unnecessary work. 5/5 if they were able to do standard cabling