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XSPC 5.25" Bay Reservoir - Clear / Silver / Black
Part #: ex-res-104
Price: $34.95
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Great Value
Reviewer:Alex (1)
@A.Jay False. Middle port is reservoir outlet to pump inlet! This is very important or you will never be able to properly bleed loop of bubbles. Designed this way to keep air from entering loop when res water level bellow top of g1/4th port.

CENTER port: flow INTO reservoir
Reviewer:A. Jay (1)
@eloney1 @marine73, the SIDE port goes OUT to the inlet of your pump.

Great little reservoir
Reviewer:eloney1 (7)
This is a great add on to any small system, it`s easy to fill, holds enough fluid to keep the system fed, and makes bleeding out bubbles a breeze. I wish the unit had the in and out ports marked, but for anyone who would like to know the center port is out and the side port is in.

Quality it its best.
Reviewer:Rusasus (4)
This res is very nice, great structure, looks nice.

quality construction
Reviewer:Zatarra (4)
This unit has a nice finished look. The black/silver plates do let a tad bit of light out around the edges, but its made of acrylic so thats to be expected. I opted for no faceplace and added UV coolant and a CCFL and the thing looks amazing. I highly recommend adding a reservoir to increase the thermal mass of your system, especially if you are experiencing high temps even after water cooling- adding to the thermal mass of the system can really make a difference

Excellent value
Reviewer:sabar (20)
Great value for the price. It is durable. Have 3 options with looks. You can have no face-plate, or use a supplied black or silver one. Looks great in all configurations. Comes with a single blue LED that fits into one of two ports in the back. Use some tape or zip ties to keep it in place. Make sure you don''t reverse the in-flow and out-flow or you will get air in the lines.

Simple Reservoir
Reviewer:LiNK (13)
Easy to install, looks pretty. and does what it is intended to do. Keep air bubbles out of the system. The LED is bright but if you use black electrical tape to mount it to the back of res, it won''t glare all over the place.. Would highly recommend.

Price\\Value Excellence
Reviewer:Mark G (1)
I''ve had this reservoir for about a year now paired with a swiftech mcp 350 and it works very well. It fits perfectly into a single 5.25 bay and is made of high quality thick plexiglass. It is ver easy to bleed simply tilting it forward. Cosmeticly it looks great and comes with 2 face plates, black & silver, if you like to do projects on a budget like me you can''t beat this res. It holds plenty of coolent and it is being used to cool a i7 1366.

Well made product
Reviewer:DHL (9)
Nice beefy thick acrylic. Like the metal inserts for the mounting screws which limits stripping the threads in just acrylic. To the guy who had the bubble problems, you are using the wrong port to feed your pump. The semicircular baffle is used to deflect high flow coming back into the reservior, and you feed the pump from the other side. If you do that, you will not have the pump cavitation problems. When you install, make sure you have enough tubing flexibility to allow pulling of the reservior out of you system bay by a few inches. Otherwise you cannot fill or top up your fluid levels. My LED worked fine, but XSPC does not provide a way to mount it. Just sticking the LED in the bore at the rear will not hold it in place. Its just bling, but not thought out too well.

Good Single Bay Reservoir
Reviewer:Nerfe (3)
I recently purchase this product and No issue at all. Loop this to my CPU,2 gpu and my ram and never have any problem or issue at all. It gives me a lot of flow not like other product out there. I only give this 4 stars because like the other person said, it only have 2 holes on the front not on 2 holes like the other optical drive. Lastly, I have no bubbles or whatsoever on this bay...Thanks XSPC and FrozenCPU(Fast shipping too).

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