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XSPC 5.25" Bay Reservoir - Clear / Silver / Black
Part #: ex-res-104
Price: $34.95
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Be careful if you buy this reservoir...
Reviewer:marine73 (2)
When you enlarge the image you can see a semi-circle shaped baffle for the outlet to the pump. The problem with this baffle is that it has a "top" on it which will trap air that then gets sucked into your pump. I used this thing for about 3 days without issue and then noticed that the tube going to my pump had collapsed from the suction and lack of water in the tube. After checking this out I discovered the above described problem. It wouldn''t be that big of a deal if I could pull my reservoir all the way out, turn it over and hopefully get the air out of that little "chamber" for the output but my lines are a bit to short to allow that without breaking open the system. Of course, now I will have to do just that to replace this thing with another reservoir of a better design. Nice looking unit but poor internal design.

Best single bay reservoir
Reviewer:Eric (1)
My reservoir, though similar, is half length. I did purchase it from FrozenCPU and this is the link from my invoice, however, the picture looks like a different model and I can''t find one that matches my product. I intentionally ordered one of 4" length, maybe it was discontinued? I used the half length mounted in the bottom drive bay leaving room for a low profile pump behind it. The only other bay reservoir I''ve personally tried is the Thermaltake Aquabay, but, from the design of most other bay reservoirs I see they will suffer from air bubbles circulating the system. The baffle on the outlet of this reservoir prevents that problem. LED allows seeing tank level just fine. Fill port is not G-1/4 threaded, not a complaint just an FYI. My only complaint is that the included hex wrench is the wrong size for the included bolts to mount the faceplate. Though it makes them look pretty stupid when a company includes a free random hex wrench instead of a wrench to use on the product, this is, in my not so humble opinion, the most well designed commercial 5.25" bay reservoir I''m currently aware of.

lights out
Reviewer:rjh4758 (1)
Nice bay tank. As far as the blue LED it only lasted 1 second. Came on at power up then went right out then I smelled something hot( electrical hot). So I powered off and found the wires for the LED to be very hot. Tank is nice but could be nicer if LED worked to aid in seeing fluid level.

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